Chiropractic Adjustments-whether you want to improve your golf swing, get rid of that ache in your low back, or just feel better than you currently do consider chiropractic care as part of your healthy living.  Dr. Norris is trained in the following techniques: Diversified, Logan Basic, Activator 1 and 2, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Cranio-Sacral, Soft Tissue Massage, Active Release Technique (Spine), and some Applied Kinesiology.  Dr. Norris sees patients of all ages.  The youngest patient was less than 2 hours old and her oldest is still with her at 94!

Active Release Technique-this is a hands on soft tissue technique used to treat such injuries as repetitive strains, adhesions (scar tissue), tissue hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), and joint disfunction.  This is an incredible technique for any athlete but is safe enough for all ages.  Dr. Norris is certified in ART Spine.

Nutritional Advisement-we will review your diet and nutritional status and work to create a plan that suits your lifestyle and body.  Dr. Norris works with Standard Process and Mediherb products along with a handful of other select products.  If you are looking for a total revamp of your nutrition or just to add to the journey you are already on, please ask Dr. Norris about how she can consult.

Weight Loss Plans-this plan works in conjunction with the nutritional advisement to incorporate exercise and/or detoxification into your life.

Physicals-we are licensed to give physicals. Please contact your school, work, or insurance company to see if a chiropractor can complete your physical form.

Personal Injury Cases-whether you have recently been in a auto accident or hurt yourself at work it is important to work with someone who can help you get your body back to its pre-injury state. Please investigate your rehabilitation options and consider chiropractic care as part of it.

Informational Lectures– Whether it’s for your company, church group, or other community, Dr. Norris can put together a variety of lectures on today’s health topics. Schedule a talk today!

Young Living Essential Oils-Essential Oils are an amazing addition to any household.  Not only are they food grade and therapeutic, they also smell incredible.  If you need more information or to purchase contact the office.

Massage Therapy– Lisa A Zito, LMT is available for on site 30 or 60 minute massages. Lisa also specializes in the following:

Prenatal Massage

Ear Candling


Thai Massage

Chakra Aromatherapy

Jackie Sliva joined the office in September 2016.  She is available for table and thai yoga massage.

Dani Perry joined the office in 2018.    She is available for table massage!


Call the office to schedule a massage today!  216-227-1490 Or if email is more your style fill out the form on our home page.


Polarity/Reiki-Stacey Pickering joined the office in April 2017 but has been practicing energy work for several years.  She would love to assist any client/patient in this type of work.