In light of the recent oil spill and the changing of seasons to warm summer days, water has been on my brain! The media coverage has brought the protection and safety of our water supply to our attention. I am no expert on the oil spill and its effect on water but I do plan to sift through the information carefully as it is available to the public. We know from research that certain chemicals and mineral levels can be harmful to ingest in large quantities. Chlorine, Lead, and Mercury are some of the most common contaminants that are of natural origin. More recently stronger non-natural chemicals are becoming an increased risk. And now we are running the risk of having oil in our water supply.  It is a lot to objectively dissect and know what is safe and what is not safe for our families.

The human body needs water to survive. So how do we ensure we are getting the best quality product? It has become big business in recent years to sell “safe” water. There are whole house filtration systems, faucet systems, home delivery options, and also you can buy water from certain local suppliers filled in safe for storage containers. It seems to me when this information is evalutated thoroughly any filter is going to be better than no filter. Natural spring water is going to be the best choice in drinking water and by natural I am referring to Cialis “from the source” spring water. If you have this opportunity you will not regret cashing in on it. The water is like no other. Next in line would be a reverse osmosis home system. Some of the home delivery options can also provide spring water and/or reverse osmosis water. These would be great options as well. If none of those options are possible for you there are many out there that will quickly and inexpensively filter tap water.  With these less expensive options take caution to store them in non-plastic containers so as to avoid contaminents in plastic. Glass and Stainless Steel are great options for storage and drinking of water.

Like many options available to become healthy, sift through the information, talk to people who have used a variety of the products and trust how you feel! Water is important for our vitality as humans. It hydrates our skin, organs, and muscle/connective tissue. Water helps to thin mucus secretions during a cold and can help with constipation and/or diarrhea. It is important to also remember some things that are purposely put into our water supply to help keep us healthy. For instance, Fluoride is added and in recent news has been controversial but does help prevent cavity formation in the population as a whole. If we can stay informed about the safety of our local water supply we can continue to feel confident in “drinking up”! Your body will thank you for it.

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