I’d like to spend a few moments introducing you to my favorite mineral, Magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body and is involved in over 300 functions within the body. Its first documented use was in ancient Rome where it was used to treat many ailments through the communal salt baths. In today’s medical world this mineral is making a comeback as the treatment of choice for pre-term labor, children with ADD and autism, restless leg syndrome, dissolution of certain kidney stones and even some heart conditions. Over the counter usage can benefit people suffering from muscle spasms, muscle fatigue, and constipation.

Magnesium is a “macromineral” which means we must get hundreds of milligrams daily from our foods or whole food supplementation. I like to use the “greens,” “seeds,” and “beans” method of remembering which
foods have magnesium. High sources are found in spinach and Swiss chard; pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds; soy, green, black and navy beans; broccoli, and even blackstrap molasses.

Magnesium is often classified as the anti-stress mineral because it calms the nervous system and can relieve fatigue when the balance of this Buy Viagra mineral is restored. It is involved with many functions along with Calcium (bone structure, heart health, muscle usage), Vitamin C (memory loss help), and Potassium (digestion, kidney function). Even though it is rare to be truly deficient in magnesium you can become quickly temporarily deficient following illnesses involving vomiting and diarrhea and traumas to the body including whiplash or other extreme stress. It is difficult to ingest a toxic level of magnesium, but people with kidney or heart conditions should be very careful with this mineral. As always no vitamin or mineral should be taken without
consulting your doctor about your specific needs.

In my office I regularly observe patients experiencing muscle cramps and spasms. For many, Magnesium can offer a low cost, low risk option for battling symptoms. I recommend it often following car accidents, falls, sports injuries, and often chronic conditions. I encourage people to evaluate their Magnesium intake either by food or supplementation and to consider using Epsom salts for bathing when faced with many of these ailments. If you think some of this could benefit you, talk to your doctor today about an evaluation!

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