Today is the last day in my original office space, now referred to as the “old office”. I have always loved this space. Even when I first signed the lease and the walls were puke yellow and the carpet was brown and dingy. There was something about it that spoke to me. Over the last several weeks my love has begun to wane or maybe, I just have grown to love something else a little more, introducing “new office”. Yes, this new space which given just a few more days will Generic Viagra become simply The office is growing fondness in my book. I love the blood, sweat, and tears involved in opening up this new space. I love the tall ceilings. I love the same floor bathroom.

I will certainly miss my old friend but I am moving forward to new adventures. Nothing can replace a first in life but I think this move is certainly going to give it a great try.

As of Monday May 2, 2011 We will be located at:

14520 Detroit Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
same phone number

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