Spring is in the air and the pregnant women are in full swing. Every year around this time I notice more pregnant bellies than usual. I don’t know if this is mere coincidence or just me being in tune with the sprouting of life, in the earth and within these women. At any rate, what better thing to discuss than Pregnancy health!

From morning sickness to swollen ankles, pregnancy gives many women a run for their money. There are many simple things to consider in having a healthy, easier pregnancy!

Morning Sickness –

We have all known someone to suffer from this. What causes it? Simply, it is the vast hormone changes occurring in the body all at one time. There does not seem to be a rhyme or reason why one person gets affected more so than others, but there is a relationship once you have had it that you are likely to have it in subsequent pregnancies. Oh joy. Many women find help in eating small, protein dense snacks frequently to combat the queasy feeling. Others find sour things such as lemons, lemonade, or sour candies to be helpful. Vitamin B6 can help as well, but should only be used if under the help of a medical practitioner. Lastly, ginger (candied, cooked, or in tea) helps many women.

Sciatica and Round Ligament Pain –

There is a lot this that is normal within this category of discomfort. Your pelvis experiences a lot of change during pregnancy, especially towards the latter half. Chiropractic, regular stretching, walking, massage, yoga, and Buy Cialis a variety of other manual therapies can be very helpful. If you are not familiar with some of these and suffer from aches, get informed! You might be suffering more than is necessary.

Carpal Tunnel –

It is very normal for ligaments to become strained and looser while pregnant. We have a hormone called relaxin that pumps through our body, preparing our bodies for labor. In some women this effects them more negatively than others. Once again, a variety of stretching, manual therapies, and even bracing can be helpful. Try some things to help this ache!

Swollen Ankles –

While this can be a first sign of high blood pressure or dangerous water retention, this can also be very normal towards the end of pregnancy. Try an epsom salt foot soak or even reflexology from a licensed professional. Yoga and stretching can also be very helpful.

Insomnia and Leg Cramping –

I have personally suffered from these two. How awful! You want desperately to sleep and you just can’t. What helped me? Magnesium/calcium supplements. Once again, consult with your doctor, but these vitamins can be essential in getting and staying to sleep comfortably. Many of my patients sleep like a baby after their adjustments. I know I always did for a few nights in a row! How wonderful.

There are so many aches, pains, and discomforts of pregnancy but it is worth it in the end to hold that snuggly baby. Working through some of these problems naturally can make the wait even easier! Happy Spring!

(as posted in L.O. 3/9/10)

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