Everyone is used to making resolutions this time of year, defining the things that we will try harder to work on and make that extra special effort for.  Here’s 5 things you can stop worrying about and start benefiting from with little to no extra time or effort.

1. Keep walking.  That’s it, just walk… one foot in front of the other, rinse and repeat. This might seem like some extra work, but often it’s not — think of the time you’ll save looking for the closer parking spot, or the stress of rush hour traffic.   Plus you cannot deny the benefits of a slimmer waistline and more vitamin D.

2. Embrace Family Time.  Some families are large, some small, either way reconnect with them.  Play games, take a walk (hey #1), cook together.  Reconnect with the people that make you feel good.  If your family doesn’t do this for you, redefine your family to include people that do make you feel awesome!

3. Look Local.  Don’t look past the great things nearby, if you give up the hunt for the greatest deal or the latest craze you might find the best eats, healthier foods, and perfect gifts. This helps create a greater sense of community and can even improve your physical health if you include shopping farmers markets and other local food eateries.

4. Go Ahead and Toss It.  Our lives are busy and contain many useful amenities, but sometimes things meant for good just become clutter.  Healthy choices can’t made in places we find to be uncomfortable of messy.  Next time you think you might need to hold on to something think about how much you need it, if it’s non-essential then get rid of it.  Don’t forget a well timed donation can also make you feel good too.

5. Listen to Your Body.  Sometimes it is that easy to have a healthier life.  All too often we ignore the signs our bodies give us to tell us something might be awry.  That lingering pain, nights of troubled sleep, or the headaches that come back over and over.  An once of prevention here can potentially save you years of substandard living and dollars in health costs down the road.

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