This weekend was true spring weather and really got me in the spirit of this time of year.  We spent a good deal of time sorting, tossing, recycling, cleaning, cooking, playing outside, and generally enjoying the nicer weather (yay for only a light jacket).

I needed to do a deep clean of our bedroom.  You know, all the woodwork, the windows, the baseboards, all the nooks and cranys that haven’t been touched in at least 6 months, maybe more if I’m honest.  Anyhow, cleaning with kids around is often difficult for many reasons but especially when dealing with water and/or chemicals.  So, this time I decided to try something that has been suggested to me many times over….cleaning with VINEGAR!  I made a concoction of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and added some essential oils (I chose one I have called Bacteria Fighter and it looks like they have other oil blends that could work well too).

This was AMAZING!  Not only did it work to clean, it smelled great, AND my 16 month old daughter helped without me worrying about her lungs, mouth, or skin getting harmed by chemicals.  I would highly recommend this easy formula for cleaning.

So, what other cobwebs are you clearing this spring?  I am also working on getting back to the gym.  I did well right after the new year but now 3 months in I have slowly gotten bad again.  Let me know how I can support you in a healthy springtime!

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