So, it’s the week of valentine’s day and I am sitting amongst a sea of pink, red, and purple hearts in the office.  It got me thinking about heart health and some ways you can start TODAY in making some positive changes for yourself.

1. Fiber-specifically oat fiber has been found to help lower the small dense particles of LDL cholesterol that create plaque in our arteries. The soluble fiber, beta-glucon, found in oats is thought to be responsible.  Here is an article discussing this point.

2. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)-there has been much hype about getting our fish oils, grinding flax seed into anything and everything we eat, seeking out fresh seafood that is safe to eat.  So how much value should we put into this hype?  A LOT!  There is a huge correlation between patients getting a healthy portion of EPA and DHA in their diets and the health of their blood panels.  Even the American Heart association agress as stated here.  I personally take Nordic Naturals Pro-Omega but there are many safe products out there on the market.  Dr. Sears and Nordic Naturals also carry products specific for children-they need EFAs for brain development and future integrity of their hearts.

What if you have an allergy to fish?  Make sure to get plenty of other nuts, seeds, and healthy oil.  Here is the page from the Vegan Society to lead you in the right direction for dietary sources.  I also really like this product from Standard Process.

3.  Know your numbers-how can you tell if you are even at risk?  Well, certainly everyone should just take care of themselves for healthy living but it is essential to know where you stand medically.  Certain situations require more immediate attention.  So, if it has been more than 2 years since your last physical please make an appointment today with your M.D.  If you don’t have one please call the office and I would be happy to recommend some wonderful doctors in the area.

Happy Heart Month!!

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